Moving Frozen Food Across the Country


Written by Sarah When we moved from our urban farm in Arizona to our rural homestead in the Missouri Ozarks, we had a couple of challenges that the average moving family does not have. Because we have adopted a lifestyle which allows us to be nearly self-sufficient, we have much …

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Kevins Cowboy Beans

We are having some friends over for Labor Day today and I am making my cowboy beans.  I love this recipe because it always turns out great and gets a lot of good comments from guests.  Let me know if you try it.  I bake them in my dutch oven, …

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The first month really stunk. Literally!


We are officially through our first month of living in Missouri! It has been great but has also had its moments that made me shake my head. We have gotten very good at playing the game “What’s that smell?” I have also gotten quite good at setting mouse traps and …

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The Lasts and The Firsts


The past 4 weeks have been quite the roller coaster.  We have been overwhelmingly busy and the days have just raced by.  While we were finishing up in the Phoenix area, we found ourselves saying “This is the last time we will….”.  Sometimes we were excited to have it be …

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It’s the Final Countdown


The countdown is on.  In one week we will set foot on our new homestead.  Did you know the girls have never been there?  And, I was only there once for about an hour before we even put an offer in to buy it.  Kevin has made a few trips …

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Free from Corporate America


It’s Monday morning.  My alarm went off at 5am like every other Monday.  But today is the day we have been dreaming of and praying for.  We don’t have to go back to work in an office.  We don’t have to return to Corporate America.  Today is the first day …

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Product Review: Garden Weasel Gatherer Pro


 The Garden Weasel Gatherer Pro is a tool that is used to pick up nuts such as Pecans, Hickory Nuts, Acorns, etc.  I bought this product for Sarah for Christmas last year because it looked like something that would save alot of time in the fall.  Yes, I am romantic like …

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A Real Summer Break


Do you remember the anticipation of summer break?  I can remember getting on the school bus for the last bus ride of the school year.  I felt so free.  Everyone had huge smiles plastered on their faces.  The energy level was bursting through the bus roof!  Kids jumping up and …

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It’s becoming real…


The house has been on the market for 10 days and we got a call from our realtor last night that she is expecting an offer this morning.  A couple came back to look last night for the second time and are very interested in our property.  I would be …

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Leaving Corporate America Behind


Over the past 20 years Sarah and I have both been part of corporate America.  Sarah as an HR Professional and me in sales.  We have played “the game” and achieved what many would consider a great deal of success.  We both have fairly high paying jobs, drive nice vehicles …

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