The Best Homestead Mother’s Day Gifts

"What do you want for Mother's Day?" my husband asked.

As I get older and as we become more self-sufficient and simple in our ways, thinking of a gift I would like for any holiday becomes harder and harder. I don't need anything. I make most things myself as far as soaps, lotions, and other nice smelling body products. I am not a fashionista. I wear the same 3 pairs of shoes over and over. My jewelry stays in the safe waiting for some non-existent special event. My mind goes blank as I try to come up with something...anything! Then it came to me...

"These would be the best Mother's Day gifts," I said.

#1- I Don't Want to Make Dinner

Dinner...why just dinner?  In my mind, dinner is the most laborious.  For breakfast, we all fend for ourselves unless it is a special occasion or we have guests staying with us.  The girls can make a simple breakfast for themselves.  Kevin usually makes oatmeal for himself.  And I, well, I don't really like breakfast.  I would rather just have a piece of cheese or a pickled egg around 10am.

Lunch time at our house is normally leftovers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or a quickly thrown together soup.  Some cut fresh veggies.  A piece of fruit.  Nothing elaborate.


But, dinner.  That involves thawing out meat.  Some meals require soaking beans, getting the crockpot going, washing and chopping potatoes or vegetables, harvesting salad fixin's from the garden.  A lot of times I start part of it in the morning and then finish in the evening.  It's much more work.

So, yes, on Mother's Day I don't want to fix dinner.

#2- I Don't Want to Wash Dishes

The entire day.  Not just dinner dishes.  Any dishes.  This includes putting clean dishes away.

How is it that every single dish in the kitchen becomes dirty at least once per day?  Sometimes multiple times per day!  I swear I can wash all the dishes, put them away, wipe the counters, clean out the sink, wipe off the stove...and then, as I walk OUT of the kitchen and look back to admire it's cleanliness...the whole thing is dirty again!  What?!  Not on Mother's golly.

#3- No Arguing or Bickering

I don't have to worry about this with Kevin.  We don't argue.  And, I am not the type of wife that nags or bickers.

However, I do have a 14 year old daughter and a 10 year old daughter.  Yes, thank you for empathizing with me and feeling sorry for me.  It could be worse, there could be more of them.

The "No Arguing" part of the deal is because the girls will need to do chores in order for Mother's Day gift #2.  The "No Bickering" part is because they will have to work together on both Mother's Day gift #1 and #2.  

I can just see it now...

Nope.  Not on Mother's Day, girls.

#4- Cocktails on the Porch with my Sweetie

What a wonderful end to the day!  We don't have a porch on our house...but we do have one on the front of our little guest cabin!!  And, it looks out over all of the gardens.  To the right is the young orchard and the baby goats.  To the left is the pretty front yard.  Cool evening air...sunset to the west.  Perfect!

The Simple Life

I'm a simple lady.  Maybe a little simple-minded, too.  I don't require much.  I enjoy the slower life of the homestead.  I enjoy working alongside my homestead husband every single day.  To be honest, this is my first Mother's Day on the homestead and just being here full-time is a blessing and gift enough for me...forever.

What are your Mother's Day dream-gifts?  I hope your Mother's Day is filled with abundant blessings.

Take care, and may God continue to bless you every single day,



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