There’s something magical about heat from a fire.  It’s no secret that humans are drawn to fire…even mesmerized by it.  These days most of us only use a fire as ambiance in our living rooms or as an occasional get together around a fire pit with friends on a chilly night (armed with marshmallows). When the temperature inside the house falls below our “comfortable” temperature, we adjust the thermostat and don’t give it another thought.  We adjust our budgets to accommodate the change in cost to pay for the fuel or energy to run our furnaces.

When we decided to move from the city to the country in order to rely more on ourselves, our faith, and the land, it was an absolute “must” that we have a way to heat our home with wood.  To live a simple life that requires little money, you cannot rely on expensive propane or electricity to heat your home.  When we found the piece of land and home that became “the one”, it did not have a wood stove, a wood furnace, or a fireplace…only a propane powered furnace.  But, it did have the perfect cozy spot for a wood stove.  We did tons of research on which stove would be best for us and the most efficient.  We learned about which size would heat our entire home.  We ended up buying a Comfort Max 75 and had it installed right before Thanksgiving…just before the cold weather arrived.  Needless to say, we are in love.

Maybe it’s my imagination, but the wood stove puts out a different type of heat.  It’s much more “warming” than the furnace.  I love that you can stand up close to it when you are super cold or after coming in from doing morning chores.  I love that I can warm up my coffee by setting my mug on top of it and that we can put our coffee pot on it to keep the pot warm until lunch time.  It’s a very comforting feeling to walk through our center room and feel the heat from the wood stove as I walk by.  Adding logs to the fire has become part of the daily routine.  Carrying wood into the house, gathering kindling, and making fire starters have all become activities of our “intentional living.”

We are very grateful for our new wood stove and excited to be one step closer to self-sufficiency.

Take care, and may God bless you.


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