It’s Monday morning.  My alarm went off at 5am like every other Monday.  But today is the day we have been dreaming of and praying for.  We don’t have to go back to work in an office.  We don’t have to return to Corporate America.  Today is the first day of our “dream come true.”

Kevin and I were pleasantly surprised that both of our bosses were excited for our new adventure.  We both worked for the same company and over the years we had shared with almost every employee about our small urban farm in Gilbert.  Most years we hosted a company get-together at our little farm so everyone could get a glimpse into our home life.  Most people were very supportive, some curious, others thought we were crazy.  So, when we announced that we had outgrown our Gilbert property, had bought land in the Missouri Ozarks, and sold our house in Gilbert, they weren’t entirely shocked.  Many people said, “If anyone can make it happen, it’s you guys.”  That was reaffirming to hear.  I was so pleased that so many people came by my office to share their excitement for us and to ask more details about our plans.  It was very heartwarming and was a very nice way to close this chapter of our lives.  We worked with many really, really great and caring people.  They will be missed.

It would be easy to turn this blog posting toward the negative when it comes to working in Corporate America.  Easy to talk about all the ways that “the man” is keeping us down.  But the truth of the matter is, careful financial planning through our very successful careers is what ultimately made this dream a reality.  Yes, I was dreaming about harvesting fruit, planting rows of tomatoes, and canning pasta sauce while I interviewed potential employees.  Yes, Kevin was dreaming about shooting deer, raising the next flock of meat chickens and building brick ovens while he wrote sales quotes.  But, our hard work in successful careers working for someone else…funded this dream.  We are very thankful and grateful to God for putting every little detail in place to make this happen.

But on to our dream!  Here we go!  We have arrived!  Kevin and I have been planning this for about a year, and for over 4 years we have been learning many of the skills we need to make this happen.  We are getting the show on the road!  Follow along with us on our journey.  We are going to share each step along the way.

Have you ever dreamed of quitting your desk job, selling everything, and taking your family to the middle of nowhere to live off the land?  It’s a huge risk.  It takes a lot of planning.  Follow along and let us inspire you!

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Thanks and God Bless!

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