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Geese Gone Wild! An Update on our White Chinese Geese.

Our goslings are getting so big! They are 3 weeks old and it’s time to start letting them out to discover the world. White Chinese geese will eat primarily grass and plants as adults, so letting them roam around in the grass is quite exciting for them!

Come take a look at the very first time we let them out to explore their surroundings. Watch them take their first tastes of grass!

Our White Chinese geese will be “guard geese” and will live with our goats, chickens, and in our orchard. White Chinese geese honk very loudly to alert other animals of intruders and will hopefully scare away deer before they jump into our fenced gardens.

White Chinese geese are prolific eggs layers and will hatch their own young. They can also thrive on eating grass alone!

We hope you follow along as we raise these geese to be part of our homestead family.

If you are interested in raising geese on your homestead, below are some links to books that we really like on the subject!


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