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How to Raise Rabbits for Meat: Part 4 Hot Weather

Raising rabbits outside in the hot summer weather can be stressful on the rabbits. In ...
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DIY Fruit Fly Trap that Actually Works!

This time of year it seems that no matter how hard we try we end ...
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How To Raise Rabbits for Meat: Part 3 Baby Bunnies

Sarah discusses everything to do with raising baby bunnies including weaning, cleaning the nesting box, ...
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Cooking and Eating Fried Snapping Turtle for the First Time!

Kevin, Sarah and the girls are trying something new on the homestead tonight, Fried Snapping ...
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How To Build A Pastured Rabbit Tractor

Kevin needs to build 2 new rabbit tractors for the homestead. He shows you exactly ...
HomesteadingVideo Posts

Build a Pair of Simple Sawhorses! Strong, Cheap, Stackable

Kevin shows you how he makes sawhorses on the homestead. These sawhorses only use basic ...
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