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Introducing…Our Etsy Store!!!

Today, we are officially launching our Etsy store.  We are so very excited!!  After being on our homestead for 5 months, it is time for us to begin executing one part of our plan to generate income.  Our family has been blessed with many talents and spiritual gifts and our homestead offers beautiful resources from nature.  Combining these gifts, talents, and natural resources, we will grow a sizable collection of products which will be available for purchase online.

Our first rollout of products includes a collection of over 40 items.  Just in time for Christmas, we have a nice selection of Christmas ornaments, decorative table centerpieces, and stocking stuffers.  Bring nature into your home with our red cedar candle holders. Place a rustic cross on your end table and make a special connection with your faith.

Each one of our products is hand-crafted. Every one is a unique piece of art.  At Living Traditions Homestead, we use the resources from our land to provide financially for our family which allows us to provide a simple life for our family that focuses on sharing time together, working together, honoring our values and honoring God through the blessings He has provided to us.

Thank you so much for being a part of our lives.  Thank you so much to all who encourage us in our new life on our homestead.  Please help us grow our business by sharing our story, sharing our posts, finding something special on our Etsy store for you or a loved one, and encouraging others to do the same.

And, have a very Merry Christmas!

Very Sincerely,

Kevin and Sarah

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