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We’re Being Invaded! Bugs on our Kohlrabi Plants


We are so proud of our kohlrabi patch…we love kohlrabi! But, wait a minute! There are some unexpected guests in the garden. Watch our video to see what we discovered.

Kohrabi is a bulbous vegetable that is shaped like a turnip or rutabaga, but grows on top of the ground rather than under the soil. It is part of the Brassicus family just like cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and several other garden vegetables. We love to eat kohlrabit raw (peeled, sliced, and with salt) or roasted in the oven with butter. Yum!

When it comes to combating garden pests, this growing season we are using Neem Oil and Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds as organic pest control. We be using it preventatively, once a week, and will be alternating the Neem Oil and Sal Suds each week.

Our homestead hopes to raise almost ALL of the food we eat this year. We cannot take the chance of pests ruining our garden. Do you have suggestions for organic pest control options for us? We would love to hear your suggestions.

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