It’s the Final Countdown

The countdown is on.  In one week we will set foot on our new homestead.  Did you know the girls have never been there?  And, I was only there once for about an hour before we even put an offer in to buy it.  Kevin has made a few trips there in preparation for our move, and to be honest, I feel lucky that we convinced him to come back home!  It really is our dream come true.  We are all so excited.  Kevin just told me yesterday that there are so many things he can’t wait to show me.  You should see the sparkle in his eyes when he talks about our new place.  Warms my heart!

The excitement and anticipation is what keeps us going, despite all of the packing.  Let me ask you something.  Have you packed up and moved your family across the country lately?  I find myself thinking, “Whose idea was this anyway?”  Good heavens, where did all this stuff come from?  This is the third cross-country move that Kevin and I have made together.  However, this time we have children and an entire urban farm full of tools and equipment.  Apparently, that means 300% more stuff.  Our biggest challenges on this trip will be our food storage.  For the past few years, we have produced all of our family’s meat on our small urban farm in Arizona…all of which is stored in freezers.  Additionally, I enjoy preserving our fruit and vegetable harvests through canning and generally keep a year supply of our favorite foods and staples.  I keep reminding myself what a blessing it will be to have all of this food when we arrive in Missouri and to keep us eating healthy, homegrown food as we develop our new homestead.  As of this moment, all of the canning has been carefully packed.  I walk by the boxes hundreds of times per day and admire my work (but secretly hope and pray that the boxes won’t be too heavy for the movers).  Moving the freezers will be an adventure.  We have a plan (we always do)…and a backup plan.

We hired a moving company.  This is the first time ever.  They will pack the truck, drive it to Missouri, and unpack the truck.  Whew!  I am so grateful!  I’m sure it won’t be as easy as that, but I am hopeful.  We are shipping our farm truck to the new house so we don’t need to take multiple trips.  Kevin will be driving a small U-Haul type truck with the freezers and things we will need right away.  I will be driving our small SUV with the dog and 4 meat rabbits.  The girls will rotate between vehicles (one child per vehicle) to combat boredom.  The drive is about 19 hours.  We are planning a LONG day for the first day.  On the second day, we should arrive to our new home around lunch time.  Hooray!  And that…is one week from today.

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