You read that right.  We tried raccoon.  Meaning, we ate raccoon meat.  We’ve always been adventurous eaters…even our kids.  We eat goat, rabbit, dove, quail, venison, duck, and elk as well as the standard types of meat.  But in the grand scheme of things, those are all really tame.  Last night, I slow-roasted a raccoon with barbecue sauce, shredded the meat, and served it on buns with a cabbage salad.  We all said we were excited to try it, but deep down inside we were all a little nervous.

So, what did we think of it?  It wasn’t bad!  The meat itself is dark like the dark meat on poultry.  It was very tender but a little on the greasy side, which to be honest was the only issue we had with it.  The flavor was not gamey at all.  It was not as strong-tasting as beef but not quite as mild-tasting as pulled pork.  It wasn’t irony flavored like duck or dove.  In our opinion, we think the barbecued raccoon meat tasted most similar to barbecued country-style pork ribs.  We will definitely try it again.

So, why on Earth are we eating raccoon meat?  Have we run out of money?  Have we run out of food?  Are we so far away from a grocery store that we can’t buy meat?

We left the city and moved to the country so that we can rely on ourselves, our faith and the land rather than on other people and grocery stores.  Raccoons are plentiful here and they are free.  We would also like to experiment with processing animal hides and tails; however, we feel that it is a waste of a precious life and a waste of meat to just kill an animal for its fur alone.

To put your minds at ease…we still have money.  We still have food.  And, we are only 12 miles from a grocery store.  But, we are feeling adventurous.  Next up…possum.


Take care and God bless,


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